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Step outside your box

Every adventure starts with taking the first step!


Wayne & Jacqui​

AKA Maverick and Phoebe

(Romans 16:2) 



Our Story



For over the past 15 years,

Wayne and Jacqui have been successfully teaching families how to camp.



     For Wayne, his trek started decades ago.  As a former Boy Scout and member of the Civil Air Patrol, Wayne experienced hiking, minimalist backpacking, and week long survival's in the Adirondacks. The lessons he learned never left him. And for the last 40+ years, Wayne has shared his knowledge with others. 

     In 2008, Wayne married the love of his life, Jacqui. And the two of them have been happy campers ever since. During these years, they have hosted camping trips for many (first time) families. They have been able to successfully teach them how to be safe, well prepared, and confident campers. They also teach the value of camping etiquette, which has not gone unnoticed by the directors and staff of the campgrounds they use.

Time and circumstances have changed how we operate. No longer are we basecamp for large groups, but we are happy to share the experience with individual families willing to ​​​​​​


​"Step Outside Their Box"



We hope you will join us.

Let's Get Started

Every adventure starts with a first step! 

Here is a look at what we offer.

Go Bag Preparation


Go Bag Presentations

When You Got to Go

Learn how to prep for unexpected events.

We offer Go Bag tutorial's 

product links, and remote group presentations

How to Tutorials

Learn how to


Prep for your camping trip​​

Set up your shelter

Start a fire

Cook a meal

Family Camping Guide

Step Outside Your Box

We offer a safe first time (car camping) experience for families  with children.​

We can supply a family with a tent and other equipment to provide a comfortable safe environment for first time campers.

Under Construction


 You both have no idea how much you have helped me. For years my parents and I have been saying we need to get our bags together, and like I said we all only have the bags. 

I’ve asked for assistance to help get an idea of what was needed to get started and I finally got that today.  

The informational list you have created truly will help so many people, and the videos are amazing and makes me want to just go camping (for the first time ever)! Never been an outdoors person. 

J Tilghman

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